7 pillars of coffee brewing wisdom

1. never boil coffee. it should be brewed between 90′ and 96′ C.

2. do not reheat coffee. make it fresh each time you serve it, and make only as much as you  plan to drink. coffee holds its flavor best at 86’c.

3. use fresh water. water is 98% of every cup; consider using a water filter or bottled water if your water tastes peculiar.

4. do not reuse grounds. its unpleasant bitter components of the coffee.

5. use the correct grind for your coffeemaker. for drip brewers, the appropriate grind should allow the coffee to finish dripping in several minute.

6. for the best results, we recomended using 10 g of ground coffee for each 180 ml of water. keep these proportions consistent. to dilute your coffee’s strength, simply add hot water brewing.

7. coffee can be kept warm over a burner for only about 20 minutes before the flavor be comes unpleasant. an air pot or vacuum server will keep coffee hot and delicious for much longer periods time.

copied from starbucks’s brochure.

nice wisdom for coffee addicted like me 🙂


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